The Website The Danish Bird Migration Atlas

At this website it is possible to find the lates bird ringing data, including recaptures.

Bird ringing is continuously an important tool in research and management of the danish bird populations. Thus birds are continuously ringed in Denmark and new data are received. At this website, the newest data will be added continuously. 

Ringing- and recapture data that is the foundation of maps and facts boxes at this website are built on data available at the Ringing administrations electronic database. Data includes birds that are ringed in Denmark and at the Faroe Islands.The databse is updated continuously. Der may arise deviations between numbers in the book and the electronic database. Recaptures in Denmark of birds ringed abroad are not included at this website. 



Thank you to Jon FeldsÃ¥ who created the beautifull illustrations and thank you to Peter Lyngs for the use of the 'front page photo' of flying starlings. 


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